In a news release by Syndicated News Network the following development for Blockchain implementation is underway.

Dr. Al Koller, President of the e3 Company of Florida, LLC (dba The e3 Company), and Ruth Barrows, President of Syndicated News.Net – formalized their mutual interests on April 15th, 2017.

They now welcome Michael Kolle​r, an IT specialist,​ ​as an associate in​ e3 Company.

The two companies have signed an Agency Agreement for Associate Services to link expertise available within the two organizations to support blockchain-based initiatives for future development related to the core capabilities of both organizations, including cryptocurrency and crypto-credentialing in business, education, and finance in aerospace and related fields.

The e3 Company of Florida, LLC was founded in 1992 to develop and implement executive level strategic management, long term planning, tactical deployment, and operational decision-making.

E3 provides education, evaluation, writing, consulting, content creation, and publishing across a broad range of business management and technical topics, including aerospace technical and management systems, computers and management information systems, and advanced educational programs including international education.

The two organizations will be piloting their activities at locations representing industry training and technology learning centers, as well as Internet-based information exchange systems.

SNN.BZ will be providing blockchain-based support packages while e3 identifies candidate organizations to implement content delivery and Internet-based assessment of results.

e3 Company now provides Blockchain (patented AAABlockchain) to the space effort ​and related ​industry activities​ as per President Trump’s Space Aeronautics Initiative.

A key upcoming project for e3 Company will focus on SpaceTEC® transferring its international personnel ​testing and certification ​ database​s​ into a state-of-the-art patented Blockchain.

AAABlockchain patents have “GRANTED” status and are listed here: