The e3 Company of Florida, LLC (dba the e3 Company) is a privately held organization founded to develop and provide strategic management services, from long term planning to tactical deployment and operational decision-making.  A key focus is education, and we consult, teach, write, and publish in a variety of areas including organizational development and aerospace.

We are proud of our space heritage and offer two products that share our history. Come Take A Ride On A Digital Rocket® by clicking HERE and experience our first manned mission to the moon. Then explore our nation’s space program history including Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, all 135 Shuttle flights, ISS missions, as well as flights by SpaceX, Blue Origin, Boeing, United Launch Alliance, Lockheed Martin and others, all on a 16 GB Multi-Media Digital USB drive in a 3D spacecraft module or a convenient business card format.

Both versions include videos, press kits, mission patches, crew photos, and historical data covering the entire 60 year history of the manned and unmanned space programs at Cape Canaveral and Kennedy Space Center. There are also hot links to external files for even more space-related data, via Internet access.

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Led by Dr. Al Koller, the e3 company engages, educates, and empowers  its clients via consulting, training, writing, and publishing across a broad range of management and technical topics, including aerospace technical and systems management, information systems, and organizational development programs including work ethics and team building.

Clients include profit making and not-for-profit businesses, civic and governmental groups, and colleges and universities.

In addition to training, facilitation, and consulting, e3 custom designs work processes and related business models for structuring and implementing basic and advanced management concepts to assess and improve selected business functions.

For more information, contact us at:
The e3 Company
P. O. Box 423
Titusville, Fl 32781
or email us at e3company.com