The e3 Company of Florida, LLC (dba the e3 Company) is a privately held organization founded by Dr. Al Koller to provide strategic management services, including long term planning and operational decision-making.  A key focus is education, and although he’s retired, he continues to write and consult.  His favorite is a book he wrote on space history that is published and sold on Amazon.  If you’re interested, you can obtain a digital copy at no cost at:

Dr. Koller was the founding chair of a National Science Foundation Center of Excellence that remains active in training and certifying aerospace technicians (  He is also featured in videos on YouTube (Spacetec11), and in “When We Were Apollo” – free on Amazon Prime and commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission where he served in the Firing Room on the NASA Launch Team at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

Currently he is exploring cryptocurrency as a means of doing business in space where national borders don’t exist.  His present focus is on BankCoin Reserve, an older coin, and a new initiative called Global Humanitarian Reserve.

For more information, contact us at: The e3 Company, P. O. Box 423, Titusville, Fl 32781, or email us at